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Here are some sample images taken recently at our Minnetrista hobby farm. (various photographers credited)
Our ten acre hobby farm is located just west of Excelsior, MN in charming Minnetrista. It’s a little piece of rural life just blocks off Halstead Bay in Lake Minnetonka, complete with rolling hills, charming barn & fences, horses and farm animals and more!
This is general information for professional or hobby photographers, please see below for a client-friendly link.
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Huge blue “tin” wall with four sides to shoot in just the right light. Adjust the hue or add some filters, it makes for a great backdrop for solos to big groups.

Rustic historic barn with all kinds of charm, great light, huge sliding doors and more.

Right across the country road from the farm is a huge wildflower & grassy field. With hills, ponds, trees, blooms and all kinds of light to play with. You can shoot in almost any direction and feel like you’re in the middle of no where.

Huge historic red barn, silo, gorgeous fence (natural wood at the moment, painted white Fall’18) with huge sliding doors, authentic stalls with awesome light, a tire swing, gravel roads with apple trees and more. Farm animals wrangled on request.

This image was captured in July 2018, right across the little road from the farm. There are acres of yellow and purple blooms, beautiful sun flare and rolling hills perfect for playing “The Hills are Alive…” and “Little House on the Prairie” opening scene. (grin)

Seasonal trees on the farm include apple blossoms in the spring, beautiful ruby sumac in the fall, lots of daisies, flower baskets and wildflowers. All with scenes for convenient posing and lighting effects.

New on the farm is a traditional classic HAY WAGON. A big sturdy flatbed ready to pose groups, couples and families. Straw bales on request. Note the hay wagon is parked under an awning at the moment. It sits in great light and a “Bridges of Madison County” look… but is subject to change. (please discuss specifics if needed)

Beautiful sunsets dip down below the treeline a few minutes before it’s actually sunset time. Great for that twilight time, golden hour, and of course, charming silouettes.

These images were taken in June, just before the field bloomed into the lush green for the summer. Easy access, and very charming rolling hills and open land.

White fences and apple blossoms make even the early spring a pretty place to click!



Here are details about renting my farmhouse studio and/or the beautiful farm area for your next photo shoot:

  • Our ten acre hobby farm is located just west of Excelsior, MN in Minnetrista. It’s a charming drive through stables, rural land and rolling hills. Clients never complain, it’s a lovely drive.  There is plenty of parking available, but please enter the farm slowly, and watch for feathers and kids.
  • The old red farmhouse on the property is my business studio, and where you and your clients should park.
    There is a sales/meeting area, and two rooms for commercial and backdrop/strobe use.
    At the moment my studio is completing renovation, and will open momentarily.
    I am a full time professional photographer, sharing my space with you and your clients. This is also our family home. I will welcome you on arrival, give you a quick tour and hints on the best spots to click, and then you’re free to enjoy!  If you move something, put it back. Use common sense and be respectful, so everyone can enjoy this space.  Also, this is a working farm. Mud, bugs, and stepping in squishy things are to be expected. If your client is wearing heels, I suggest a pair of walking shoes too.
  • There are simple props such as chairs, stools, wagon, a reflector and more available for use. There is a classic sleigh available during the snow season, too. These are included in your rental fee. Please return after use.
  • Currently our critter collection consists of the cutest little piggie, big white Pekin ducks (and one grey one), friendly & whimsical geese and chickens, a white Arabian pony and a very friendly star of the show, Kevin, the big red retired racehorse.  Please do not chase the animals. and under NO circumstances is anyone to enter the corral.  My expert little assistant can be hired to wrangle on request; she works for candy.


Farm and/or studio rental is $50 per use. This is for about an hour’s time. Half or full day rates available on request.
Please note there is an additional $25 fee if you cannot provide proof of business insurance. 
You are guaranteed to be the only photographer during your session, however I may schedule others before or after your time.
Once booked, your time is non-refundable, but IS transferable as my calendar allows.
I can invoice you to pay online, or a link direct for your client, to reserve your time. Inquiries can be made via the CONTACT ME tab, calling 612-567-BUZZ
or my email Tracie@TracieBeaPhotographie.com  (Got Gmail? Check your spam filter for my response, please)

A client-friendly web page can be shared by clicking HERE