The Photographer

I’m a “born & raised” Minnesota gal, and my hive has been on the western lakes area of Minneapolis for a long, long time. I’ve always loved photography, and I’m old enough to know what an actual darkroom smells like. While many artists inspire me, I love to create happy colorful images that capture children and their families at the heart of who they are. The best shots spark an emotion, make you giggle, or smile with joy & pride. I am happy, casual and fun; a “people person” for sure. Of course, I am quite Irish.

My Mission

I want to help fill your home with photographs. While our digital world is convenient and instant, NOTHING should replace a nice 11×14 matted print on the wall, or a stairwell filled with a gallery of canvas. In my years working as a nurse, it became evident that the core of life is about being surrounded by family and friends, not fleeting images on social media. Let’s bring our photos into your home, and decorate your walls with love.

The Business

My journey to my own small business isn’t unlike many others, I bought a Canon Rebel and took photos of my kid. Along the way some people praised my work, and they came back for more. But there’s a point where one’s hobby becomes something bigger, and it’s not just about clicking a camera. With a background in TV commercial production, studio management, marketing and sales, I took my years of knowledge and started investing my time & money into growing as both an artist, but a business person too. It’s my goal to be a friendly, professional expert in the job you hired me to do. My job is to provide lasting memories for your family. My hope is that you join me year after year, choosing ME to capture memories that mean something to you and your family.

My Gear

Numbers & letters for those that care: Canon 5Dmii + 6D | 70-200L | 35ART | 24- 70Lv2 | LR/PS CC and more. I love finding the light but I’ll whip out the reflector or something flashy if warranted. I always bring humor – your session with me will be relaxed and rather unposed. You will laugh. The kids will have fun, and when I resort to silly bribes or being goofy, even the stuffiest of subjects will crack a smile with me. Kids will look like themselves, moms will look better – You’ll walk away with some great clicks in my camera. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

My Clients

We are a fit for each other if:

-You place value on capturing memories of your life, yourself and your loved ones, and are willing to invest in that.

-You have a sense of humor, and can appreciate a joke so bad it’s good.

-You want our photos ON THE WALL, not just on your phone, or a disk in your desk drawer. With my gorgeous hobby farm and studio right off Lake Minnetonka,  comes my ability to be of FULL SERVICE to my clients and families.  I will help you print what you want, heck, I’ll even come hang it up.  Think Lunds & Byerly’s, not Aldi and Cub.  I won’t leave you stranded with nothing printed.

The Mom

I have three little ones at home, each with their own unique story of how they came to us. They are adorable, and I love being their momma. I’ve worked with every age, but I LOVE the little ones! I pride myself in being pretty darn good at negotiating even the most fickle of toddlers. I am comfortable working with children that have sensory issues and/or special needs, and I have shared many moments in the hospice environment with families. I am tenacious, funny and believe if I’m going to be away from my family, I better be doing something I love.

I am a volunteer photographer for the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.
They are a non-profit foundation that will provide professional photography,
free of charge, to families of children with life threatening illnesses.

These photos will provide the families with the gift of precious memories.

If you or someone you know needs their services, please contact them direct, at