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Tracie Bea

Excelsior & Lake Minnetonka Family Photographer | I see a little silhouetto of a fam….

FLASH SESSION : This August & September I’ll be announcing random (often last minute) times where you can join me for a honey-sweet silhouette sessions!  They are 99% fool-proof and super fun. You simply show up, stand in a line, make some different movements, and wah-lah! Unique and simple wall art that you’ll have a…

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How Much? Special Edition Mini Sessions

Details to SPECIAL EDITION  (MINI)  SESSIONS, including “Buzz By” Sessions: My mini sessions are just that – MINI !  No huge stress and preparation, just honey short & sweet!  As part of an official SPECIAL EDITION event, you’ll book a session window along with others doing the same. As a “Buzz By” tag-a-long session you…

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